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About Us

Developed countries have for decades been supporting the use of fossil fuels as a day to day energy source, resulting in immeasurable damage to our natural environment.  Today, the demand for energy is at a level never seen before, and we at Ebepellet believe that society, be that individuals or industry, has a responsibility to seek alternative and safe energy sources that will protect our environment for future generations to come.

The core function of Ebepellet is to transform a clean, virgin by-product of the timber industry into a renewable energy source, one capable of substituting, in significant part, the existing consumption of fossil fuels.

Since its creation in 2006, Ebepellet has consolidated its position as not only a leading producer of wood pellets, but the only producer of Dinplus quality wood pellets in Spain.

In order to provide the highest level of service possible to its customers, Ebepellet is currently in the process of expanding its distribution network throughout Spain.  The Ebepellet brand exists internationally where its Dinplus quality wood pellets are sold to homes and businesses in Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.

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