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Bulk deliveries are the ideal way for supplying homes, businesses, swimming pools, community sport centres, rural houses, apartment blocks, etc.

To receive a bulk delivery of pellet it is necessary to have some form of deposit, silo or storage facility in order to store the pellet.

Ebepellet has a fleet of cistern/tank delivery trucks each with the capacity to supply up to 15,000kg. Each truck has the ability to supply pellet from a distance of 30m via a respiration hose directly connecting our cistern to the customer’s deposit/silo.

15kg Sacks

Directed at domestic customers, ideal for heating stoves or small boilers where manual loading is possible, our sacks have a net weight of 15kg allowing for easy handling, transportation, storage and loading.

The plastic sack itself if 100% recyclable, which we ask is disposed of responsibly at your local recycling point.

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